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Blog date: 30th May 2007

Hello viewers,

I've just heard that my CD has gone into production so it should be ready within a couple of weeks. It's nice to know i can finally get this one out of the way and start working on some new songs.

I'd love to hear what people think of it, so please let me know in words of more than 4 letters. I'm also going to coincide the CD release with lot's of new video clips, so please keep watching.

All the best for now,


Blog date: 25th May 2007

Hello viewers,

Hope everyone is fine and well. Sorry it's taken me a while to update my blog but you know how it is, time just seems to slip away so quickly.

I've just been in the studio with Guy Chambers working on a track which was a lot of fun. So nice to get playing again.

My CD, which i've been saying for the last 6 months is just around the corner is in fact now just around the corner. It will be released in June. I hope you will like it. It has 11 songs of varying styles on it, 2 of which are not on the download list.

Anyway, take care,

Speak to you soon,


Blog date: 12th April 2007

Hello viewers,

I started rambling today!

I'd been thinking about it for some time but today was the day. My 1st ramble, i decided would be to Tesco's.

My arrival there was greeted with some suprised stares and cruel jibes from the staff (and i thought these were my friends!). They asked me why i looked so hot and sweaty and red in the face. I managed to catch my breath long enough to explain. What i hadn't realised was that because this was my big shop of the week, pushing a trolley with a defective wheel up and down the aisles constituted, theoretically, another ramble. Needless to say i got a taxi home.

When i regain the power of movement to my legs i will wander over to my video recorder and compile some new clips for you to enjoy.

lot's of love,


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