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Blog date: 5th September 2007

hello viewers,

it's only me again.

How is everyone?

I hope i find you all well. As usual it's taken me quite a while to update this blog but i haven't been doing that much lately so it's quite hard to find anything new to say.

Rob's version of "lola" is out soon and i was lucky enough to play a bit of guitar and sing some bv's on it. I heard the finished thing the other day at Guy's studio and it sounded great. I'm glad to hear that Neil Taylor has almost finished his BFA album. I'm really looking forward to hearing it. He started it in october '73 so it should be good!! I also read in his blog thingy that he may be up for doing some small (they'd have to be) acoustic gigs with me in Europe. I hope it happens cause i think it would be a lot of fun (although maybe not for the audience)

The other thing i wanted to say was about the song "often". I recently found out that it had been covered by a group called "THE ATTENTION SEEKERS" on their album "FROM HERE". Finding out that someone else has recorded one of my songs is an extremely rare thing (more rare than rocking horse shit!), so naturally i got hold of a copy. I'm glad i did because the album is great and if you get the chance please check it out.

Anyway, unbelievably i think this has turned out to be my longest blog yet. My bath has overflowed but i don't care. I've had 3 today already (i'm bored. but i'm clean!)

until the next time,

take care and

lot's of love

Blog date: 15th August 2007

Hello viewers,

First of all, my apologies. I know it's been a while since i last spoke to you. i hope you are all well.

I'm fine if a little bored. Tescos haven't got back to me yet about my idea of setting up a small sound system in between the fruit and veg
aisle's allowing me to serenade shoppers as they go about their
business. It's not knebworth i know, but at least it would keep
my hand in and as i pointed out to Tesco's it might deflect some
attention away from their disgusting food.

My CD is available now. So far i've sold 13 copies which if not unlucky for some is certainly unlucky for me!

I hope you like the new video clips. There will be lot's more over the next few months.

anyway, lot's of love


Blog date: 22nd July 2007

Hello viewers,

Hope you are all well, fine and happy. As you can see my CD is now available. I have also put up some new video clips that i hope you will enjoy. There will be many more over the next couple of days.

Anyway, sorry this blog is a bit short and sweet but i have a bath running !

Please let me know what you think of the CD.

lot's of love


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